Sports Performance

Whether you are a young athlete just starting out or an elite athlete preparing for your next season, X-Cel Sports Performance Program has what you need to get it done. Our sports performance programs will help develop speed, agility, balance, functional strength, power, reaction time, mobility, core stability, mental awareness, and confidence. With the direction of our knowledgeable, certified coaches all athletic needs can be covered. Learn more about our different program levels below.

Program Levels


Is your young athlete ready to take the step towards more competitive sports? If yes, then it is the right time to get them training to become a better athlete. Young children need to develop core strength and stability, flexibility, and balance in addition to speed, agility and relative strength. Our Youth Program will help your child improve the fundamental movements needed to be a top tier athlete.

Program Components

  • Athletes ages 8 – 10 years old
  • Half Hour Training Sessions
  • One Day Training Program
  • Two Day Training Program
    • Relative Speed – Consists of running mechanics and technical drills
    • Relative Strength – Designed to teach how weight training exercises should be performed
  • Core Stability
  • Balance Training
  • Conditioning


Whether you have a middle schooler sampling various sports or a high school/college athlete that has selected their sport of the future, the X-Cel Youth Sports Performance Training Program has what you need to make them a top athlete in the game.  Since sports at this age are defined with specific seasons the Junior Program is designed with both in-season and off-season training.  Also, High School and College athletes will go through a more comprehensive strength and conditioning program. With our certified coaches your athlete will come out of the program a more athletic and confident athlete that will be ready to face the challenges ahead.

Program Components

  • Middle School Athletes – College Athletes
  • One Hour Training Sessions
  • Off-Season Program
    • Two Day Training Program
    • Three Day Training Program
    • Complete Speed
    • Functional and Relative Strength
    • Absolute Strength (High School and College Only)
    • Conditioning
  • In-Season Program
    • One Day Training Program
    • Two Day Training Program
    • Technical Speed Development
    • Movement Corrective Exercises
  • Agility Training
  • Core Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Read and Reaction Training
  • Mental Awareness


One of the most important times in an elite athlete’s season is before the season starts. This is the time to put in the hard work to make sure you are ready to perform. The work that you do in the off-season will show when it counts. Our Elite Program will bring your body back from the rigors of the past season, build your base strength, develop your power and explosiveness and hone your technical skills for the upcoming season.

Program Components

  • College, Professional and Olympic Athletes
  • One – Two Hour Training Sessions
  • Three Day Training Program
  • Five Day Training Program
  • Movement Corrective Program
  • Functional Strength
  • Power Training
  • Plyometric, Explosive and Impulse Training
  • Agility Training
  • Speed Training
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Core Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Mental Awareness
  • Chiropractic Care (Optional)
  • Massage Therapy (Optional)

Combine Training

No matter what level you currently compete at, to make it to the next level you will go through performance testing. The X-Cel Combine Training Program is designed to get you ready both physically and mentally to exceed expectations. Unlike sports performance training this is geared towards performing your best on individual drills. Once going through this program you will be confident going into your college showcase or pro-day.


The Top Choice for Speed & Agility Training

Finding effective and efficient workouts for athletes can be difficult on your own. Yes, the internet is full of options. But how do you guarantee proper form and execution? That is why you can trust the coaches and personal trainers at SFX Fitness. Our speed and agility training ranges from ages 8 years old to collegiate, professional, and Olympic training.

Professional Athletic Training

We have trained:

  • Thousands of athletes of various ages
  • Professional baseball and football players
  • Hundreds of High School athletes earning college scholarships
  • 20 plus Georgia State Champions
  • Over 50 All-State Recipients
  • 5 Georgia State Players of The Year Recipients

Whether you are looking for youth sports training or professional athletic training, we have a solution for you.

X-cel Sports Performance System is about building and developing a complete athlete. The focus of our training is on learning fundamental movements, applying direct movements to sport, mental preparation for competition, injury prevention and developing the individual. We strive to perfect the completion of each movement, but we do not train for perfection. Movement in general is a fluid parameter. It will never be the exact same occurrence every time you repeat it. There are too many other variables in place that make sameness impossible. Because of this dynamic we train athletes the specific techniques for every movement then allow for individualization within the movement so that each move becomes their own.

Youth Speed & Agility Training

The X-cel System is broken down into five distinct, but compatible phases. The phases are introduced individually, but they will be applied within the different phases periodically. This allows for the greatest adaptability during each phase. The five phases of the X-cel performance system are:

  • Movement
    • FMS and Technique
  •  Development
    • Movement Skills and Relative Strength
  • Strength
    • Hypertrophy and Resistance Work
  • Power
    • Force Production and High-Speed Movements
  • Adaptation
    • Sport Specific Strength and Reactive Quickness

Youth Fitness Programs – Next Level Youth Fitness

Are you looking for a way your child can stay healthy, but they do not play any sports? SFX Next Level Youth Fitness Program is what you need. With our certified personal trainers guiding your child, they can achieve the fitness levels that they and you are looking for. Youth personal training can be one-on-one or in a small group with a trainer ensuring proper mechanics and techniques to minimize unnecessary injuries. Learning proper mechanics are important for youth training as it can prepare youth for more purposeful training in the future.

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