Looking for an online fitness coach or personal trainer? Learn more about our virtual training programs. These are developed for people looking to improve their fitness online, whether at home or on the go. You won’t miss a training session – as these workouts can be scheduled with your trainer on your own time.

Online personal training can offer you the best training in an accessible package. It is time to make yourself a priority!

When you sign up for online personal training, you’ll receive a Welcome Bag that includes resistance bands, an SFX T-shirt, and other necessary equipment. Start your virtual fitness training today!

It is Time to Make Yourself a Priority

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Get Started with Virtual Fitness

Find your ideal online fitness program that best fits your schedule and budget. With an online fitness trainer, you receive the benefits of an expert in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Flexible schedule: No excuses and real results. Make your health a priority. The best investment is in yourself and with this flexible schedule format you are not tied to a public schedule or physical location.

Clear accountability: Instead of a generic gym experience enjoy the impact and results of having your own personal online trainer will check in with you on a daily/weekly basis (based on program selected) to insure your progress. Not only does this maximize your opportunities to ask any questions, tailor your experience, it also gives you the feedback, support, and motivation that everyone needs to stay on track.

Customized workouts: When most people think “online”, they think apps that display basic, traditional workouts; with a true online personal trainer, you get all the basic online convenience but amplified, with a customized workout made for you by your trainer to get immediate results - taking into account prior injuries, surgeries, and any other limitations. At SFX we understand the importance of focusing on minimizing any risk due to past injuries and still maximizes the possibility of success. This is truly individualized

This is not a cookie cutter program – created by professional online fitness coaches to maximize your results in 30 or 45 minute workouts.

  • New Age of Training
  • Tailor Made for Maximizing Your Results
  • Efficiency of your Time – Time is money!
  • Can be Accessed from Anywhere

Let us know which Virtual Fitness Training you are interested in!

Virtual Programs @ SFX Training

One-On-One Training

This program is best for clients who are just beginning in their training or fitness regimen. It is a perfect setup for those who need the most help, or motivation, maybe inexperienced, and for those who prefer constant attention during their sessions. In other words, live, one-on-one online training.

One-On-One Training Features

1-on-1 Online Personal Training using Zoom Meeting
Cost: $40 per 30-minute session. $55 per 45-minute session – trainer led

Or $100 per month for 2-3 days/ week – designed for you to do on your own
Scheduled check-in’s to ensure accountability

Tailored class for tailored results

The program continually updated to maximize results – and to minimize the risk of injury and

Group Personal Training Series

Offering a sense of community with your group, more accountability, bring others that would benefit in this with you or you can make some new friends, you‘ll have less pressure, and of course, the cost is more affordable.

Group Training Features

Groups of no more than 10 - Conducted online using Zoom Meeting

Cost: $20 per person per 30-minute session, $30 per person per 45-minute session

Program continually updated to maximize results

Advanced Series

This program is best for clients who have been managing to a certain level of physical activity/ going to the gym. But you have not gotten the results wanted for that next level. Get all that online convenience but with a workout that your trainer made especially for you, taking prior injuries, surgeries, and limitations into account, which minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes the possibility of success.

Advanced Series Features:

1-on-1 Online Tailored Exercise Program - Zoom Meeting

Option 1 Cost:
$100 per month- 2 days/week program (weights only) – designed for you to do on your own

Option 2 Cost:
$200 per month – 4 days/week program (complete program) – designed for you to do on your own

First Fit 3D Scan included each additional one only $10 (normally $29) – ideally monthly

Program continually updated to maximize results

Check-ins on a weekly basis to look at your progress. Give you an ample number of opportunities to ask any questions you may have, get clear feedback, support, and motivation that you may need to stay on track.

Extremely flexible with your schedule.-set your own schedule You can train on whatever day and whatever time that meets your schedule.

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