As a top-rated gym serving Alpharetta residents, SFX Fitness has the equipment and training programs you need to achieve your pique level of fitness. Our personal trainers and instructors use supportive tactics to encourage and educate you during your fitness journey. When you want to get into the best shape of your life, choose SFX Fitness as your most trusted Alpharetta personal trainer.

The Best Gym Serving Alpharetta
Performance Gym

As one of the top gyms in the Alpharetta area, SFX Fitness is a performance gym that houses a variety of training programs and workout equipment for all body types. To better serve our customers, we provide a number of fitness services, including:

  • Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Bootcamp
  • Sports Performance

At SFX Fitness, you can enjoy plenty of fitness activities and classes where you will be working with a group of fitness enthusiasts under the guidance of a certified instructor. At SFX Fitness, we know that everyone’s workout needs are different, which is why we offer customized fitness programs and personalized training. We want to see you reach your fitness goals, and we will work with you closely to develop a workout plan that suits your age and body type.

Alpharetta Fitness Training and Workouts

SFX has a variety of classes that involve full-body workouts, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth as a member or student. The specialized equipment at our gym features a quality, reliance, and safety that all of our members can enjoy. We maintain strict cleaning and safety protocols to ensure the health and security of our patrons.

Our diverse workout programs are built to suit your unique fitness preferences. You can choose between group courses and one-on-one training; both feature elite workouts that will give you the results you’re looking for. For our professional athletes, SFX Fitness has performance training programs where you can build up on your speed, balance, agility, mobility, and strength. Our certified trainers will use their experience to work with you and make sure that you are ready to win at your next event.

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The team at SFX Fitness is here to consult with you about your current fitness levels and find a program that works with your goals in mind, whether one on one training or with an online fitness coach. Simply tell us what results you are wanting to see, and we’ll build a program that will get you there. Everyone’s muscle building capacity and metabolism are different, and we keep that in mind when developing your fitness program. Get started with SFX Fitness today to find the right workouts for you! 770-587-2389