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X-Cel sports performance training is a combination of training principles developed by Julian Amedee, owner of SFX and Paul Mitchell, owner of Playmaker Strength and Conditioning.  The basic training philosophy comes from The Playmaker Sports Performance Coach Certification and all coaches at SFX are trained in these techniques.  Training is for athletes from the age of 8 up to professional levels.

Younger athletes will work on basic fundamental movements such as running, jumping, shuffling and crawling. Mixed in with some relative strength exercises designed to get them ready for their future training.

Older athletes will work on more technical aspects of performance such as proper running techniques, change of direction and deceleration drills and jumping ability.  To supplement the speed training athletes get a comprehensive strength training program, including Olympic lifts, designed to improve relative and absolute strength, increase power and teach them how to lift properly for their future.

  • Basic development for younger athletes
  • Sprinting techniques
  • Agility base such as deceleration, change of direction and cutting
  • Jumping techniques
  • Power application
  • Strength training
  • Olympic lifts
  • Sport conditioning
  • Combine prep
  • Team conditioning programs (call for details)